The Role of a Teacher Aide in Administrative & Supervisory Capacities

A teacher aide is an individual who supports the teacher in their day-to-day activities both in the classroom and in the school office. They work with the main teacher and the students either in groups of on a one-to-one basis. While there are no specific educational requirement and skills required to become a Teacher Aide, relevant education such as a certificate course completed by the individual in teaching or handling children may be preferred by some employees.

In some states there is an insistence on a minimum of three years secondary education. Many teacher aide do undergo training and complete certificate courses in the field to increase their proficiency levels. Such courses can be done along with the job as they have flexible timings and can be learn at a convenient pace.

A teacher aide helps the main teacher with a majority of their tasks. They work in close association with the teachers to help them carry out both the Administrative and non-Administrative Responsibilities successfully. They are expected to help the teacher in managing the class efficiently and at times help students with their assignments. This helps the teachers to focus their attention on other critical areas such as creating lesson plans and developing strategies for the students.

The task of a teacher aide also involves helping the teacher in instructing the students at times. They also help the teacher grade papers or administer tests. They are responsible for supervising students when they the main teacher is absent or out on some outdoor assignment. Teachers themselves fix responsibilities for their aides and assign specific tasks in some situations. They are given a variety of responsibilities depending on the work schedule and the work load that the teacher has to bear for the day. In fact, each day is a different experience for a teacher aide.

Teacher aide can be called to monitor some students who need more attention than others. They are expected to maintain discipline in the class when there is no supervision. Where an average class has more students than manageable, the role of a teacher aide becomes crucial for the teachers to handle the class more efficiently. They also do the task of inspecting assignments, homework or create programs on special occasions in association with the teachers.

In a nutshell, a teacher aide job is clerical, instructional and supervisory in nature.

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